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Recipes for cooking frozen salmon fillets

How to cook frozen salmon in the oven, pressure cooker or air fryer Frozen salmon instructions are here. Cooking frozen fish is easier than you think, it gets tender without breading, so it’s a healthy meal that everyone loves. Try it this week!


a new year and you want to start eating healthier, right? Or maybe you’re like us and obsessed with seafood, either way you might need help with dinner if it’s still rock hard and everyone is starving. Eeeekkk. I’ve been there, don’t feel guilty, we’ve all done it at least once (ok a lot) before.

Don’t worry, I’ve done the experimentation for you when it comes to cooking frozen fish in the air fryer and all that. These tips are not only specific to this pretty pink variety, you can also use them for other types. The biggest difference is the thickness of the fillets, therefore a variation in cooking times.

Frozen salmon


frozen salmon

Let’s start with where you’re buying this, okay? Yes, you can find this most often in the meat department or in the frozen section where seafood is kept. However, another great resource is also if you want to buy meat online. I’ve done this many times before online here before snow season happens to stock my freezer.

Then I’m prepared when I don’t want to leave home to buy anything. Take out a treat like this and decide how I want to do it. All of them are good, just different. Let’s start with my favorite little kitchen appliance here. Season with salt and pepper and place frozen salmon fillets in the air fryer basket. It takes about 15 minutes to cook frozen salmon this way.

How to season frozen salmon

If you use a small bowl to beat dill with butter, you can sprinkle up to half the cooking time and top when serving. Or when seasoning your salmon, have our salmon dry-rubbed with brown sugar and a little spice that you can sprinkle on top about halfway with olive oil so that it sticks very well.

With the salmon skin down, this makes the inside flaky but a bit crispy at the edges. Test the internal temperature on the thickest part of the salmon. If it’s still not quite right, just close the basket and give it a few more minutes. A little crunch at the top is best. Texture is everything.

frozen salmon air fryer

Salmon paper pack

I want it as tender as humanly possible with no crunchy at all, no worries. I would use your pressure cooker of choice. Crockpot Express has one, IP, of course, or uses a Ninja Foodi. You’ll want a trivet to keep it out of the liquid below. That’s necessary because you’re essentially going to steam it until it’s soft.

This only takes a few minutes, as you are under very high pressure and do not want to overdo it. That’s the worst! There is nothing worse than an overcooked piece of grayish seafood. Don’t even make me start with that, let’s say it’s better a little underdone in the center than dry. Period.

Just follow our easy Instant Pot frozen salmon recipe with just butter and a splash of lemon juice to the tee. You’ll see that even though it was difficult just a few minutes before, it still comes out incredible. He may even fool the rest of his family that he was a rock less than an hour earlier.

<img src="" alt="frozen salmon instant pot"


to cook frozen salmon in the


Okay, now let’s talk about using your oven if you don’t have any of these other appliances. I mean it’s rare for me to use this, but occasionally it happens. 😉 I like to wrap my baking sheet in nonstick aluminum foil just because it makes cleaning so much easier.

  • All instructions and ingredients used are located on the printable recipe card below. Other methods mentioned above you can find by clicking on the blue link you are interested in and that post will appear for you to read and follow.

This is the time to

cook salmon to 400 if thawed, the time for hard is below. You can make it simple with just a few seasonings or with a salmon sauce as we did in our baked teriyaki salmon recipe on aluminum foil.

If you can’t find nonstick, just spray some olive oil spray and you’re good to go. You could also use a coated porcelain baking dish, that would work. The “sauce” used was just butter, lemon juice, dijon mustard and some diced parsley.

Cooking frozen salmon

Baking frozen salmon

It needs some kind of liquid to keep it nice and moist. Just a pat of cold butter in the middle with a pinch of salt and pepper would also work, I’ve done it when I’m in a hurry. Most of this is temperature and time. However, the latter will vary a bit if you can imagine it.

The thicker your pieces are, the more or less time it will take to arrive right in the center. If you buy a large steak and cut it into 4 equal pieces (like me) take note because the ends will cook faster than the central, thick portion. However, that works very well for us because my husband likes the medium of him much more badly done than I do.

Grilled frozen salmon

And then we have grill-style frozen salmon. That’s right, that’s how frozen salmon is cooked on a grill so that it comes out tender and does not fall down the racks.

Like steak, I like my dead and he would rather have him swimming (or mooing) if you understand my drift. If you’re not like us, I’d remove the thinner pieces when it’s done, put one plate covered to keep warm while the other cooks for a few more minutes.

Need more tips like this? We recently shared how to cook frozen bacon in the oven too, because I’ve needed it once or twice.

baked frozen salmon

I hope this helps you understand how easy it is to do it (in many different ways). Want to learn how to cook squid and other types of fish recipes too? You can also

use a cast iron skillet on your stove if it is not rock solid. However, I don’t make it clear this way, I also add bacon to the outside to amplify those killer flavors. Follow our bacon-wrapped salmon recipe to try that. Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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