17 Moroccan Tagine Recipes You’ll Love – Insanely Good

Recipes to cook in a tagine pot

Did you buy a tagine and are not sure what dishes to cook in it? These tagine recipes have you covered!

For the unversed, tagine is a popular North African stew that got its name from the conical clay pot (or pottery) in which it is cooked.

Spicy lamb tagine with dates and almonds

As you’ll see in this recipe roundup, there are several ingredients that can be used to make tagine


They range from lamb and pork to seafood and vegetables


But they all have one thing in common.

The main ingredients are seasoned with tons of spices and cooked slowly in a rich tomato-based broth.

Also, in

case you don’t have a tagine, don’t worry. You can cook most of these recipes in a Dutch oven or in a heavy pan!

So what are you waiting for? Add a Moroccan touch to your daily meals with these tagine recipes!

These dishes may be new to you, but trust me, a gift awaits you


1. Moroccan Chicken Tagine

This Moroccan chicken is stewed with olives, garlic, onion,

spices and lemon.

The mixture of spices and lemon gives the chicken a fragrant aroma and an otherworldly taste


Traditionally, chicken tagine uses canned lemons, which are a bit difficult to find here in the United States


That said, we’ll settle for fresh lemon juice and zest for this recipe.

This dish, like most of the recipes presented here, is worthy of a special occasion and easy to make.

It is an ideal dish to serve at last minute dinners


2. Moroccan vegetable tagine

For me, the true mark of great cuisine is the ability to make vegetables irresistible


Morocco achieves just that and exceeds expectations


Potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic are slowly simmered in a tomato-based broth flavored with lemon and tons of spices


Chopped apricots are poured into the mixture to add a subtle sweetness to the stew.

Together, the combination of tomatoes, spices, lemon and apricots create a lovely balance of sweet, spicy and savory flavors.

3. Lamb tagine

The lamb pieces are marinated for 8 hours in a mixture of Moroccan spices

. Then,

they are braised for 2 hours in a tomato-based broth flavored with garlic, ginger,

lemon and honey.

Can you imagine the many different flavors that occur in a dish?

You have the gaminess of lamb and the intense flavors of spices


Then there is the acidity of tomatoes and lemon and the sweetness of honey.

And best of all, all the components go wonderfully well together.

There are no fights or confrontations, but a pure and delicious marriage of flavors


4. Easy Meat Tagen

Here is a simple meat tagine recipe that anyone could easily achieve. There are relatively fewer ingredients in this recipe.

Aside from saffron

, they’re all fairly common pantry staples


Bite-sized pieces of meat are scorched and cooked slowly with fire-roasted tomatoes, saffron and spices


Potatoes and carrots reinforce the dish and make it a complete meal on its own


5. Seafood

tagine Seafood lovers,

I see you, and this tagine is especially for you


It all starts with a spice paste made from garlic, cumin, paprika, cilantro and lemon juice. This is used as a marinade to flavor fish, prawns and squid.

Next, a sauce is made with sautéed onion and garlic, plus spices, tomatoes, seafood broth and lemon.

Finally, the marinated seafood pieces are cooked in the sauce.

It results in a tasty seafood tagine that is sure to elicit screams for a second serving.

6. Moroccan fish tagine

Fish fillets and chickpeas swim in a spicy tomato sauce flavored with sautéed onions,

peppers and spices.

Spices include the usual suspects of paprika, cumin, turmeric and coriander


But there is one spice that makes this stew stand out: harissa.

It is a North African hot chili paste made from roasted red peppers


baklouti peppers, herbs, garlic, spices and olive oil


With its spicy, smoky, and spicy flavors, it’s no wonder this fish tagine is a certified hit

. 7. Shrimp and vegetable tagine

with canned lemon

This shrimp and vegetable tagine has a wonderful mix of spices and citrus. Not only does it taste phenomenal, but it also smells heavenly.

This dish is usually eaten with couscous or rice, but its delicious broth also makes it a delicious pasta sauce.


North African-Style

Tofu Tagine

Thanks to this recipe, those on a plant-based diet can also experience a sumptuous

tagine meal.

This tagine is filled with squares of crispy tofu and earthy mushrooms flavored with fragrant spices and cooked in a thick tomato broth


A mixture of roasted red peppers, vegetable broth and tomatoes, the rich broth flavors tofu and mushrooms beautifully.

Serve with crispy, tender roasted naan for a hearty, healthy and tasty vegetarian meal.

9. Super Easy Pork Tagine Pork

chops are braised in sautéed onions, apples, spices and lemon in this tagine full of wild flavor


The ingredient list is very short, but it requires one ingredient you won’t find in your local supermarket: ras el hanout


Meaning “shop boss”, it’s a Moroccan spice mix made from the best spices a spice seller has to offer.

That said, there is no definitive list of spices that make up Ras El Hanout.

It usually includes, however, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and the list goes on


So if you can’t find ras the hanout, feel free to make your own mix!

10. Moroccan eggplant tagine Chickpeas

This tagine features chickpeas and caramelized eggplants simmered in a delicious tomato broth

. It’s a

fantastic main course or a vegetarian dish

. As usual, the vegetables are infused with spices, which

again, include ras the hanout


Vegetables are also combined with chopped dried raisins or apricots


They add a subtle sweetness that complements well with spices


11. Roasted cauliflower tajine

This next vegetarian tagine features roasted cauliflower, chickpeas, tomatoes and olives cooked in a thick tomato sauce


Seasoned with ras the hanout or harissa, the typically soft cauliflower comes alive in this stew


Serve this with couscous and top with yogurt and parsley for the perfect finishing touch


12. The Moroccan lentil


cauliflower stars once again in another vegetarian tagine. This time, abundant lentils and sweet carrots join the fun.

Nothing transforms soft vegetables better than Moroccan spices. This dish is more than excellent, even without meat.

13. Moroccan Meatball Slice

These are dumplings made the Moroccan way, full of spices and a burning tomato sauce


This dish can be made from ground lamb, beef or turkey. You can also use a mixture of meats to change the flavors.

Aside from flavors, Moroccan dumplings also differ in that the balls have a much smaller shape, almost the size of marbles.

Because of this, the dish is prepared faster than American meatballs.

Finally, the dish is often topped with poached eggs for richness and color.

14. Vegetarian Pumpkin Tagine This vegetarian tagine

showcases the wonderful flavors and textures of pumpkin and lentils


Cooked in stewed tomatoes and Moroccan spices, the vegetables are bathed in a thick sauce that is full of fragrance and flavor


Serve this tagine with couscous or rice, or enjoy it with your favorite bread instead of a fork


15. Moroccan pumpkin

and sweet potato tagine

Pumpkin and sweet potatoes combine to make a hearty and healthy tagine


You’ll love how well Moroccan spices complement the inherent sweetness of the tubers


Apricots and chickpeas (also known as chickpeas) also join the mix to add texture and flavor


16. Duck tagine

with clementines

If you’re a fan of sweet and savory dishes, this one definitely won’t disappoint


The pairing of duck and clementines makes this tagine too delicious


In addition to the usual spices, honey and lemon are also used to flavor duck


Serve this shimmering dish over couscous for an unforgettable exotic meal


17. Carrot

and potato tagine with peas

This tagine may be inexpensive, but it sure tastes and tastes expensive


Here, potatoes, carrots and peas are generously seasoned with ginger, chili peppers, mint and Moroccan spices to give them a major flavor makeover


While it’s perfect as is, you can make the stew even more filling by adding beans and cabbage to the mix.

Tagine recipes
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