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Recipes to cook on a flat top grill

Video Recipes to cook on a flat top grill

Did you know that there are so many dishes you can make on your Blackstone griddle besides pancakes for breakfast? Is there anything better than a grilled cheese sandwich on a flat griddle? From healthy recipes to camp favorites, we’re about to take you on a Griddle Recipes hay ride you won’t forget!

Did you know that there are so many dishes you can make on your Blackstone griddle besides pancakes for breakfast? Is there anything better than a grilled cheese sandwich on a flat griddle? From healthy recipes to camp favorites, we're about to take you on a hay ride of Griddle Recipes you won't forget!

Blackstone plates are so popular these days. It has a large surface area that allows you to cook a large batch of food in one go. It’s a great way to feed a crowd with minimal effort, perfect for an outdoor barbecue party.

Our options below may surprise you, but they certainly won’t disappoint you.

Philly Cheesesteak. Griddle Chili Dogs, even new school Mongolian BBQ… Heck, we’ll be bringing your carnival food favorites and food trucks straight to your kitchen!

What can I do on a Blackstone iron?

The answer is anything and everything. Really all food groups can be covered.

Hamburgers, fajitas, garlic shrimp, breakfast, lunch and dinner: the possibilities and versatility of a Blackstone griddle are endless!

What is the best oil to

use with a flat griddle?

Vegetable oil like canola oil is best for grilling because you’ll need a high smoke point. . As oil is also key to the overall flavor of your final product, the right oil may depend on what you’re cooking, but either way you need to make sure you use enough oil to prevent your food from sticking to the grill.

Healthy grill recipes

1. Easy grilled salmon

Grilled salmon

Dinner ready in less than 20 minutes! Is there anything better? Yes, grilled salmon! All you have to do is brush the griddle with oil and season the fish with salt and pepper. Cook for 3-5 minutes on each side. Then add a pinch of lemon juice or herbs for a delicious and healthy meal!

2. Grilled broccoli

Grilled broccoli

Are you ready to take your broccoli to the next level? Then look no further than this recipe.

Simply boil, cool and place on the griddle with a little olive oil and you will have a succulent broccoli with a potent flavor in less than 10 minutes.

3. Grilled asparagus

Grilled asparagusCooking asparagus

on the griddle provides great texture with a little bite! All you have to do is cook the spears for about 3-4 minutes on each side, cover them with a little sea salt and a splash of lemon. Tip: Use thin asparagus for this recipe.

4. Parmesan crust crushed potatoes

Crushed potatoes

Similar to pancakes, these

crushed potatoes

with Parmesan crust are a must! Gently crush the boiled potatoes on the griddle with a masher, brush it with garlic butter and you’ll be on your way to crushed potatoes that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Camp Griddle Recipes


Grilled cheese sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwich

If you’re a fan of grilled cheese, then you’ll want to try this recipe. For the ultimate grilled cheese experience, you want to have bread that is toasted on the outside while remaining moist inside.

For cheese,

it’s really up to you, but the advice here is to bring your cheese to room temperature first so that it melts faster on the griddle



. Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

<img src="https://izzycooking.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Philly-Cheesesteak-1-683×1024.jpeg" alt=

“Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich” />

Delicious and messy, two words that perfectly describe this Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich


Use thinly sliced rib-eyed steak, sautéed onions, and cheese genie for a sticky goodness you’ll want to experience again and again!

7. Griddle cakes / Grilled Pancakes

These easy-to-iron cakes (grilled pancakes) are light and fluffy, a classic breakfast food that requires some simple ingredients. This recipe provides step-by-step instructions for cooking the dough on an electric griddle. You can serve them with maple syrup, jam or fruit for a delicious meal!

A staple in many homes, pancakes are a breakfast option that will always be a favorite. To cook from scratch, simply combine flour, eggs, milk, sugar, and butter.

If you’re looking for some thicker, fluffier pancake, simply substitute whey for milk. The advice here is to put enough oil on the griddle so that the pancakes don’t stick.

8. Grilled S’mores

Griddle SCamping

favorites brought straight to your kitchen! Grab graham cookies, chocolate bars, marshmallows and kids will be on their way to camping fun without the clutter.

Simply place the cookie on the griddle,

place the chocolate and marshmallow on top, wait for that melted goodness and then finish with the other graham cookie


Other flat iron recipe ideas


Griddle Chili Dogs

Griddle Chili DogChili

Dogs someone? The perfect summer gift to please all your guests on your barbecue. These can be made directly on your plate.

Cook the meat, onions and seasonings for the chilli on the griddle, once done, roast your buns and your dogs with a little oil and you will have a satisfying gift that will make you feel like you are at the fair.


. Mongolian BBQ

Mongolian BBQ is a joyful celebration of grill-worthy meats and vegetables, served with noodles with the delicious sweet and savory sauce. Whether you're eating Mongolian Grill at a restaurant or making one at home, here's everything you need to know about mastering the Mongolian barbecue experience. #Mongolian BBQ #MongolianBarbeque #MongolianGrill

Called Meng Gu Kao Rou in Chinese, Mongolian beef is a combination of Chinese stir-fry and Japanese Teppanyaki. You can customize this dish to your liking!

Just start with noodles, vegetables, meats of your choice and even a sauce of your choice


If you want the true Mongolian barbecue flavor, you’ll need to combine soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and sesame oil for the sauce! That’s it!

11. Homemade burgers on a griddle

Homemade burgers on a griddle

Bulky burgers? It’s

not a thing anymore! Now it’s Smash Burgers! When placing your burgers on the griddle, simply use a spatula to crush them carefully.

You should finish with burgers that take about 3 minutes per side to cook. Top with hamburger sauce, your favorite cheese, toasted buns and you have a fun new favorite burger recipe.


. Grilled chicken

Grilled chicken

Ten minutes of cooking time is all you need for this healthy meal loaded with vitamin B, iron and protein

. 13. Griddle


Griddle Steak

Tender and juicy. Sign me up!

Condiment, cooking, and service – we’ll take you through it all, and even tell you which cut of steak tastes best on a griddle



Crab Cakes

Crab CakesCrispy

on the

outside, tender on the inside! These easy crab cakes won’t fall apart when you fry them.

Breadcrumbs hold the cakes together, with a crab filling that’s loaded with flavor. The secret? The combination of mayonnaise and sriracha!

15. Blackstone Perfect Grilled Pork Chops

Grilled Pork Chops

Skip the fast food lines and run to your kitchen to prepare this recipe in 20 minutes


You can choose to buy pre-seasoned pork chops or just add some of your favorite spices, whatever you choose, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

16. Classic French Toast

Classic French toast

Easy, simple and delicious. This may be one of the best favorites of all time.

The secret ingredient can put you on top for you and your family!

What is the

best iron to buy?

Blackstone is the most popular plate brand. Depending on your preference, you can buy a table iron or a flat gas grill iron outdoors.

Presto, Zojirushi, Nostalgia and Broil King are also possibilities


Is an iron healthier than a grill? I

love both the iron and the grill. Saying one is better than the other really depends on what food you’re cooking.

The griddle can be seen as the healthiest option as it requires less grease or oil, while a grill has smoke entering your food. However, either option is healthy as long as you’re careful about how much oil you’re using and how you cook your meat over an open fire.

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