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Peking duck is a staple food in Beijing, China. Traditionally, all roast duck is skillfully carved in front of guests. The thin shavings of the crispy skin are first eaten with steamed Chinese pancakes, along with a variety of seasonings. The leftover meat is made into a stir-fry, sometimes served along with lettuce leaves to make lettuce wraps; while the remaining carcass becomes a rich duck broth for making soup. Different restaurants also have different offerings for leftover Peking duck dishes. Another common way to serve leftover duck meat is by making a duck fried rice.

I have tons of leftover duck meat from

halal Cantonese roast duck that I got as a DIY meal kit from Rice Guys (highly recommended by the way). Despite my lack of carving skills, we managed to enjoy it Peking duck style. Then I deliberately cut the wings to save for a different dish, and then shredded all the remaining meat to make this duck fried rice. The corpse was, of course, being saved to make a duck broth which I then enjoyed as a noodle soup.

Whole Cantonese Roast Duck from Rice Guys meal kit
The Halal Cantonese Roast Duck from the Rice Guy’s meal kit


Save that duck fat! Whether you’re

eating a whole Peking duck or just regular roast duck slices from a Chinese restaurant, the duck should carry a good amount of fat. Save. This is neither the time nor the place to raise awareness among all those who care about health. Duck fat is KEY to this duck fried rice recipe.

Duck fat adds an extra umami flavor to the dish. You just CAN’T skip it.

Rice Guys duck got a very good amount of fat without being too fatty. It’s so incredibly juicy and I’ve kept it completely in a jar with the fat.

How to make duck fried


Leftover rice Always use cold leftover rice. This is because freshly cooked rice carries too much moisture and will cause fried rice to become moist and have a soft texture.

Heat the duck fat over a large wok over high heat. Start frying sliced garlic until it is fragrant and about to crunch. Add chopped onions and red chili flakes, cook until tenderized. Then add the mixed vegetables. I used frozen packages here, which got a mixture of chopped carrots, peas, and corn. Sauté until vegetables soften.

Add leftover duck meat, ideally skinless. I have crushed them before cooking. Season with cumin powder and sauté everything until well mixed. Next, add the rice and sauté for a few minutes. Add the dark soy sauce and hoisin sauce. Let the rice settle a bit so you can get a mild charred taste.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt and sesame oil. Push the rice around the sides of the wok until it forms a little well to pour the beaten egg. Wait until the sides of the egg have been fixed before frying everything together until they are combined.

Last but not least, garnish with sparks of chopped chives and top with a little leftover sliced duck if desired. A little tip to reheat the leftover sliced duck, I recommend doing it in an air fryer, as it helps the skin retain its crunch! If you feel like it, you can also drizzle some chili oil on top and dress with more hoisin sauce.

Save and fix this recipe!

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