100 Recipes Using Leftover Red Wine

Red cooking wine recipes

If you’re a wine enthusiast, it can be hard to believe that you’d ever have leftover wine. In fact, I’m a wine enthusiast, and occasionally find that I have some leftover wine after a party. You can actually freeze the wine to use later (it won’t be good to drink, but it will be fine to add to recipes). Here’s a good tutorial on how to freeze wine, from The Art of Doing Stuff. And here are 100 recipes with leftover red wine (click on the titles to get to the recipe).

Image 100 recipes with leftover red wine

Breakfast:Oeufs en meurette (poached eggs in red wine sauce) by My French KitchenFinnish pancake with raspberry red wine sauce by Off the Meat HookYogurt with red wine Poached nectarines for 80 breakfastSpiced pear bread pudding with red wine icing by Poor Girl Eat drinks well

: Best Red Wine Sangria by RecipeGirlGuignolet (cherry liqueur) by Leite’s CulinariaGluehwein by AllrecipesGrape Sangria by RecipeGirlMulled wine by appetite by ChinaRed wine Simple syrup (to add to cocktails) by What Julia AteGlogg (Swedish hot spiced wine) by Leite’s Culinaria

Appetizers: Red wine syrup (to drizzle over cheese) by MacheesmoCranberry – Red Wine Dumplings by The Brewer and the Baker Marinate mushrooms in red wine, Sprinkle with feta cheese and serve with bagel chips for an appetizer.

Sauces and marinades:Red wine- Wild mushroom ragout from Hunter Angler Gardener CookMora- Cabernet sauce with rosemary and ginger from Christine CooksRed wine marinada for London Broil by Sarah’s Cucina BellaZesty Crockpot Marinara Sauce by The Cooking PhotographerPerfect pizza sauce by Gimme Some OvenRed Wine Steak Sauce by All She CooksGarden Bolognese Sauce by RecipeGirl

Garnishes: Cabernet- Bella Eats Apple SaladAngie’s Recipe Red Wine SpinachAlexandra’s Kitchen Red Wine Cranberry SaucePotatoes, Shanterelles and Shallots in Red Wine Sauce from HerbivoraciousCol and Stewed Tomatoes by Aggie’s Kitchen Add some red wine when cooking wild rice. Use it to sauté the Portobello mushrooms.

Main Courses:Cabernet and Gorgonzola Burger Sliders from Rasa MalaysiaRed Wine Burgers from The Brewer and the BakerBraised Ribs with Brown Eyed Baker Cheese SemolinaFilet Mignon with Mushroom Sauce Cabernet from GirlLamb Bestofadas at Leite’s Pinot Noir CulinariaPorn Medallions with Pinot Noir- Noble Pig Cherry SaucePork Chops with Fresh Blackberry- Pinot Noir Sauce from Dinners for a Year and BeyondPinot Noir Pot Roast by Tasty and Gluten FreeCoq au Vin by Simply RecipesApple- Merlot Glazed Ham by Uncle Jerry’s KitchenPork Medallions with Merlot Sauce by Tastefully SimpleCoq au Zin by RecipeGirlBeef Stroganoff by Guilty KitchenSlow cooker Irish Beef Stew by The Little KitchenBudget Beef Bourguignon by Food WishesBeef Breast with Merlot and Prunes by Sassy RadishBasic Meat Stew by RecipeGirlPerfect Prime Rib Roast with Red Wine Jus by Steamy KitchenBeef Dumplings in Red Wine Sauce by KitchnFilet Mignon in Red Wine Sauce by Simply RecipesSlow-cooked beef Burgundy by recipeGirlSteak with Burgundy Mushroom Sauce by The Pioneer WomanItalian Pot Roast by From a Chef’s KitchenRed Wine Spaghetti with Broccoli by Love & Olive OilPork chops with garlic and wine by The Pioneer WomanRed Wine Meatloaf by This Gal CooksRed wine- Mushroom risotto by Eclectic RecipesCabernet Stewed Ribs with Gorgonzola by Well FedBeef and Red Wine Chili by Girl vs. DoughWine Stewed Chicken by The Life JolieLasagna by TasteFoodRed Wine Mushroom Pork Tenderloin by The Kitchen MagpieRed Wine and Rosemary Bestofed Lamb Shanks by Always Order DessertCreamy Red Wine Chicken Pasta by Always Use ButterRed Wine Bestofado Ham by PBS FoodDark Chocolate and Red Wine Beef Stew by Not Quite Nigella Pork belly marinated for an evening with wine red and soy sauce, and simply roast it!!! Sauté the butterfly pork chops in red wine, along with some basil or thyme or rosemary. Boil the spaghetti in water for 2 minutes, then drain. In another pot, boil 4 to 5 cups of wine- Add spaghetti to red wine and cook until al dente… (5-6 minutes)… In a skillet sauté in olive oil, 2 garlic gloves, 2 anchovies (optional) and sprinkle chili peppers, mix with spaghetti and serve!

Soups:Florentine Tomato Soup by RecipeGirlPortobello Wild Rice Mushroom Soup by Lisa’s KitchenRed onion and red wine soup by What Did You Eat Make meat soup and mix in 1 cup of red wine. French onion soup by Food NouveauEarly autumn minestrone by Dinner du Jour

Desserts:Mora- Red wine chocolate cake for love and olive oilChocolate- Fondue Pinot Noir by Noble PigBlackberry Cabernet Granita by The KitchnBlackberry- Cabernet sorbet by Gimme Some OvenSugar-free blackberry Cabernet ice cream by Christine CooksMerlot Cream Cheese Brownies by Taste as You GoCherry Cabernet Brownies by Better Homes and GardensCupcakes by chocolate red wine by master by day… Chef by NightBlackberry Merlot Cupcakes by Sweet BeginningsRed Wine Poched Rhubarb by David LebovitzStrawberry Red Wine Sauce by Make with MaraRed Wine Chocolate Cake by Smitten KitchenRipe figs in Spiced Red Wine Syrup by Sippity SupBlueberry Cheesecake Cabernet Popsicles by Endless SimmerGoat cheese cream + Strawberries in red wine syrup by David LebovitzRed wine chocolate truffles by Sprinkle BakesRed wine truffles with dried cherries by Art of DessertWine Pobed Pears by eCurryVegan Chocolate Merlot Mousse from Go Dairy Free

Other ideas: Making strawberry preserves – Pinot Noir by Local Kitchen Make Spiced Tomato Jam with Pinot Noir by Andrea’s Kitchen Make Blackberry Merlot wine jelly cooking on the ranch Make red wine vinegar by Boulder Locavore

Also: How to remove red wine stains by Kitchn7 tips for cooking with stone soup wine

glass of sangriaThere you go! Let me know if I forgot anything 🙂

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