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Rice pudding recipe with cooked rice and sweetened condensed milk

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Baked rice pudding with condensed milk is such an easy and comforting dessert. Take the leftover cooked rice and a can of condensed milk and turn it into something classic and delicious.

Creamy cream, rice, cinnamon and raisins come together to make this classic delight. You’ll find that adding condensed milk adds that rich note that makes it extra good with fewer ingredients.

There’s something about a bowl of rice pudding that makes you feel like you’re in grandma’s kitchen. I don’t remember any of my grandmothers doing it for me, but it still has that nostalgic feeling.

Making baked rice pudding with



While you can make baked rice pudding with raw rice, it takes a long time to cook. Therefore, it is easier to start with leftover or already cooked rice.

Simply mix some milk, eggs and sweetened condensed milk to make the custard. Because condensed milk already has sugar and vanilla, you don’t have to add either.

A little cinnamon and nutmeg add those traditional flavors to the mix. Then come some raisins, but they are completely optional.

If you want to add something, but you don’t like raisins, you can add other dried fruits. Craisins, dried cherries or chopped dates would be excellent alternatives.

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Ready-to-use rice pudding bowl in pan.” />

Ready-to-bake rice pudding mix skillet.

Once you stir the rice, it’s ready to go in a greased pan and in the oven. It is done when the edges are golden and the center is mostly established. A small movement in the middle is fine.

I think rice pudding is at its best when it’s hot. Therefore, it can be served relatively quickly after cooking has been finished.

However, if you like cold rice pudding, just let it cool to room temperature and then put it in the refrigerator for an hour or two. Either way it tastes great.

Leftovers are great straight from the fridge. It is also wonderful heated with some extra milk poured over the top. Mmmm!

What is the difference between baked rice pudding and the stove?

While the two versions of rice pudding are made with similar ingredients and generally feature the same flavors, they are a little different. There is a difference in texture between the two just like macaroni and cheese.

The rice pudding from the stove is creamy and you can get a tablespoon similar to macaroni and cheese. Like baked macaroni and cheese, baked rice pudding is stiffer and can almost be cut and served as a piece.

The rice pudding on the stove is homogeneous like tapioca pudding. Baked rice pudding usually has a small extra layer of custard on top when finished.

Both are ultimately delicious, so it depends on your mood and your own texture preferences. You can’t go wrong with either.

More Great Rice pudding recipes

Make creamy rice pudding in the instant pot for a comforting treat. The updated twist on the classic rice pudding is quick and easy to make, but it still has that delicious antique dessert flavor.

You can make a naturally sweetened banana rice pudding. It has honey, bananas and cinnamon to give a fun twist to the original.

If you don’t have a can of sweetened condensed milk, you can make a classic baked rice pudding. It is very similar, but requires sugar and vanilla.

Or try making bread pudding with maple sauce for another comforting old-fashioned dessert.

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