Perfectly Simple Sliceable CrockPot Roast Beef

Silver tip roast slow cooker recipe

Did you know that it is possible to cook perfectly cut-and-tender roast meat in the clay pot? (In just a couple of hours?!)

I’ve been using my slow cooker to cook tender grated roasts for years, as evidenced by two of our favorite carne asada recipes. However, it had never crossed my mind before to try a method for slow cooking roast beef like this.

CrockPot Roast Beef Recipe Perfectly Simple and Cutable by Barefeet In The Kitchen

I originally planned to cook this roast using my favorite oven method. However, at the last moment, I decided to try improvising that method for the cooking pot. It worked very well and the roast was a great success.

How to cook

a roast in a clay pot

It’s incredibly easy to make roast beef in the clay pot and it didn’t take as long as I expected. From start to finish the whole thing in less than two hours.

After burning the meat stove with a generous amount of salt and pepper, I put it in the slow cooker over low heat.

Since it was my first time following this clay pot method, I wasn’t sure how long it would take. Moments like this are when I’m especially grateful to have an alarm meat thermometer!

Instead of having to check the roast frequently to see if it was done, I simply put on the meat thermometer and took care of other tasks. A beep from the thermometer after 90 minutes told me that the internal temperature had reached our ideal 140 degrees.

We like our meat closer to rare than good and generally closer to rare than medium. If you prefer yours a little less pink, adjust the cooking time and final temperature accordingly.

It was hard to resist soaking in the tender, juicy roast right away, but we managed to hold on long enough to let the meat sit before cutting it into thin slices.

I served the roast with roast potatoes and roasted broccoli and the whole family gave great reviews to the food. I served the remaining meat with soft muffins for roast beef sandwiches a couple of nights later. It was delicious both ways.

The leftovers are also delicious served on a tray of sausages, tossed into a salad or fried with hashish. There are so many uses for leftover roast beef that you’ll never regret having extra.


only trick for this meal is to cut the meat as thin as possible. To accomplish this, use the sharpest knife possible and a fork of meat to hold the roast in place while carving. Carve thin, uniform slices that move through the grain.

Be sure to let the roast meat sit for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the meat to reabsorb all the juices released during cooking. This also makes the meat easier to cut as it cools.

Roast Beef

Slow Cooker Recipe


enjoy the no-frills nature of this easy slow cooker roast beef recipe While I love to show off elaborate dinners as much as the next girl, sometimes simple meals are the best


If you feel like cheering up your slow-cooked roast a bit without any extra work, check out Slow Cooker Italian Red Wine Roast Beef. It takes a little more time to make that clay pot roast, which is flavored with Italian herbs and rich red wine, but it’s worth it.

You skip the scorching step of my clay pot roast beef recipe and leave the roast in the slow cooker to cook in that delicious red wine marinade for 8-10 hours. To compensate for that extra cooking time, this roast rewards you by filling your home with incredible aromas while cooking.

For something a little different, this Coca-Cola Roast Crock Pot also looks tasty. The soda is used to sweeten and caramelize the meat as it cooks while adding moisture.

While it’s not a slow cooker recipe, while you’re on a carne asada kick, you MUST try our favorite Southwestern carne asada. The roast is rubbed with a mixture of New Mexico spices and sweet honey; It is in frequent rotation for dinner in our house.

Looking for more hassle-free dinner ideas for the slow cooker? You can also enjoy the Crock-Pot chicken fajitas, the pork roast with balsamic brown sugar from clay pot and the Mexican pork Crock-Pot.

Have you ever tried making carne asada in the slow cooker? Let me know how it turned out and then try this recipe. You’ll end up with a plate full of tasty, juicy roast beef that’s so tender it’ll almost crumble on your fork.

I can’t recommend this slow cook roast beef enough!

Cooking tip: I use this clay pot and this thermometer to make this recipe.

Slow cookers or crockpots are an appliance that I have more than one of. If you’re an avid slow cooker user like me, you might understand the need for more than one. So, let’s talk about my favorites:

first there’s this 6-quart slow cooker that has a locking lid. These simple cooking pots are fantastic for transporting food. Mine has gone everywhere, from shared church meals to barbecues, game nights and Thanksgiving dinners. However, fair warning, these slow cookers become madly hot. Low is closer to a boil than a boil, the warm setting really simmers. So trust me when I say HIGH is tall.

My daily slow cooker is this 8 quart Crockpot. It’s my favorite appliance for cooking large roasts and large batches of chili. Fun fact: Did you know that a full 4-quart kitchen actually cooks more slowly than a half-full 8-quart kitchen?

For just cooking a few pounds of crushed chicken for enchiladas or other smaller recipes, this 3-quart version is perfect.

Thanksgiving has become a breeze since I mastered how to hold all the side dishes using these medium-sized round slow cookers.

If you’re not a fan of the idea of keeping more than one slow cooker in the house, these CrockPockets are a game-changer when it comes to preparing and holding multiple dishes at the same time. They slide into a standard 6-quart slow cooker, dividing it into two sections that are perfect for serving different side dishes or keeping taco fillings warm for the holidays. Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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