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Slow cooked ribs rub recipe

These baby ribs are seasoned with a homemade dry massage and then baked in the oven until tender and fall off the bone. Spread these ribs with your favorite BBQ sauce and finish them on the grill to get juicy, tender ribs that fall out of the bone!

What are dry ribs?

Dried ribs are

pork ribs that are baked or roasted after using a dried spice massage on

them. Seasoning the ribs

with a dry massage involves mixing different spices and then rubbing them into the ribs without any wet ingredients. When cooked, it gives the ribs this deliciously caramelized exterior!


are different types/styles of pork ribs you can buy. The most common pork ribs that people roast are baby ribs and spare ribs.

Here’s the difference!


hindribs Baby

ribs come from the part where the ribs meet the pig’s back and are thin and short

(hence the baby in the name).

Although short, they have a lot of flesh on all sides of the bone and are very tender

. The spare ribs come from the lower ribs

and are usually cut St. Louis style. They are fattier, which people like for taste reasons.

I prefer baby ribs and

used them in this recipe!

How to prepare ribs for grilling Before seasoning dry ribs

, you have to do some preparation work. The thick membrane on the back of the ribs should be removed before

seasoning and cooking the ribs

. If you do not remove it

, it will be hard and chewy once they are cooked


The easiest way to remove it is to ask the butcher to do it for you when you buy the meat. However, if you want to do it yourself, follow the steps below!

How to

remove the rib membrane

It takes a little work (and some pull), but here’s how to remove

the membrane!

  1. Place the ribs so that the curved back is facing up
  2. .

  3. Using a sharp knife, at one end of the grid, cut under the membrane but above the bone.
  4. With your fingers, Pinch and pull so that the membrane begins to lift.
  5. Because the membrane

  6. can be slippery, use a paper towel to grasp
  7. the membrane.

  8. Peel off the entire membrane through the rib rack and discard it.

The membrane doesn’t always peel off at once, and some areas may be harder to remove. Just keep pulling until everything comes off!

What is a dry massage?

bowl with dried spices inside: brown sugar, salt, paprika, garlic powder, chili powder, white pepper

Everyone has their favorite way to season ribs. There are dry rubs, wet rubs and marinades. Making your own dry massage is very easy to do at home.

It is called dry rubbing because the

ingredients are dry and you rub them into the meat without any additional oil


The Best Spices for Rubbing Dry Ribs

My dry massage gives ribs the most amazing taste. It is both smoky and sweet and has a hint of spices.

Here are the spices and ingredients I used in my

dry massage:

  • Brown sugar
  • Paprika
  • Chili powder
  • Garlic granulated
  • onion
  • Black

  • pepper White
  • pepper
  • Cayenne Smoked
  • salt

  • Kosher
  • salt
  • How to

make the best dry rib massage

Using a spoon, mix the seasonings together.

Dry ingredients are enough for four racks of ribs. Whatever is left, I simply put it in a jar so it’s ready to use the next time you make dry ribs.

Spice tip:

Brown sugar can be grouped together, so use a spoon to soften it


How to add dry rubbing to


  1. Spread some yellow mustard first and brush it all over the ribs. Not only does using yellow mustard help rubbing stick to the ribs, but vinegar helps soften rib meat.
  2. Sprinkle some spice disinfectant over the ribs and, with your fingers, massage into the rack
  3. .

  4. Turn and repeat
  5. .

  6. After you have rubbed both sides of the ribs, wrap them in aluminum foil
  7. . Place the

  8. two racks in the fridge for 2 hours to marinate.

Seasoning tip:

Be gentle so as not to tear the aluminum foil. If there is a tear, the liquid will leak and leave you with dry ribs. I wrap an extra piece in the middle to make sure they are sealed.

How to Bake

Ribs in the Oven

What causes these baby ribs to fall off the bone is the low and slow cooking time in the oven


I cook them at 275°F for 2 1/2 hours. Moisture is blocked, giving it tender and juicy ribs.

After 2 1/2 hours, remove from the oven and use a thermometer to check the

temperature. Ribs

are technically made at 145°F, but for tender and juicy ribs, the temperature should be 190-200°

F. To

get that delicious charcoal on the ribs, I finish them on the grill. Once you remove them from the oven, brush your favorite BBQ sauce on top!

On a medium heating grill (350°F), place the ribs with the top side down (the side you smeared the barbecue with). While that side chars, brush more BBQ sauce on the ribs.

Char dry

ribs for about 10 minutes total, flip halfway and add BBQ sauce as needed


How to flip

the ribs on the grill

Since the ribs will be SO tender when they come out of the oven, they can be split when roasted. I use two sets of tweezers, one on each side, to flip them over and help them not crumble.

How to cut the ribs The best way to

cut the baby’s ribs

is to curve upwards. This allows you to see the bones and make uniform slices. Be sure to use a good sharp knife to get clean cuts.

Serve with extra BBQ sauce on the side and enjoy! How to

store leftover


I like to use leftover dry ribs in my salad or just reheat and enjoy them the next day. It is better to cut the meat from the bones before storing the ribs.

Store leftover rib meat in the refrigerator for up to 3 days


These simmered oven ribs literally fall off the bone. I hope you enjoy these juicy, tender and dry-rubbed ribs!

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