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This slow pot leftover turkey casserole is the perfect thing to make on a cold day when you have some extra turkey to use!

Ah, the humble casserole! Abundant, delicious, loved by all. A great superior user of leftover bits of this and that and a pleasure of all the hungry members of the family. I always feel like such a competent wife and mother every time I make a casserole for dinner. I can make a full meal with random stuff I find in the freezer and cupboards, even when we don’t seem to have anything “good” in the house. And it always ends up having that great sticky taste of homemade ooey. This leftover turkey casserole is that kind of dish! However, one

thing is that I always think of it as one of those “quick, easy, and ready in a flash” types of meals. So I always get frustrated when I realize that it’s actually going to be an “all afternoon” thing. I mean, you need to hunt things first, then you need to collect. Then boil the pasta. Then mix everything together. Then top with cheese or whatever. Then, after you’ve done the thing, it still needs to be baked for an hour. So, by the time everything is ready, you’ve been working on dinner for 2 hours.


never considered that I could throw everything in the clay pot until, well, until I did. And the results were delicious!

Here’s how it works


Making your

leftover turkey casserole Get some

basic ingredients: 2 cans of chicken cream soup, or whatever you want to use to make the salty casserole, some frozen vegetables, a splash of milk, and some leftover frozen turkey. It doesn’t matter if the frozen turkey is stuck in a large ball because everything will decompose beautifully during cooking. You can leave it like that or you can add some spices. I always like to use onion and garlic powder, black pepper and lots of poultry seasonings. Spices really make your house smell like a delicious turkey dinner is cooking again and you’ll feel like you must have done something really competent as a housewife if your house smells like that.

So throw all those things into the slow cooker.

Then let it simmer for 6 or 8 hours or so. If you want to feel like you’re doing something, stir it up from time to time.

It will soon look like this!

When you have about an hour until dinner time, add about 2 cups of pasta and about 2 cups of extra liquid as well. I just used water, but you can get fancy with chicken broth, or white wine, or whatever too if you want.

Just before eating, cover everything with some grated cheese.

The finished leftover turkey casserole!

Dinner is done! You’ve just spent a total of 3 minutes working on this, but you’ve carried that triumphant feeling of “I have dinner under control and you know it because you can smell it cooking” with you all day!

Good job, you!

Wasn’t it fun?

And that’s how I’ll make my whole casserole from now on. 🙂

Try it! Here is the printable version of the recipe!

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