Meat Lover’s Crock Pot Chili Recipe

Slow cooker meat chili recipe

Do you have a meat lover in your family? Of course! Meat Lover’s Crock Pot Chili is so filling and tasty and with three different types of meat cooked slowly for hours together, it is sure to please that meat lover in your family!

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Cris here. When Wright® Brand Bacon approached me and asked if I wanted to try their bigger and better bacon, my husband was thrilled. Always a meat lover, he loves thick bacon and let’s just say we’ve been in pig heaven these last few days among all the recipes we’ve tried and summer tomatoes ripening just in time for some amazing BLTs.

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UPDATED: The Crock Posse (our YouTube community) has voted this recipe as the winner of BATTLE CHILI! We do a cooking show of all our battle winners. Here’s our show for Meat Lover’s Chili.

Now back to bacon. I headed to my local Walmart and very quickly found the Wright® brand bacon and immediately noticed it came in 1.5-pound packages. This is a great value at Walmart for families like mine who go through bacon incredibly fast!

Once I had my bacon in my hand, I went back to the kitchen and knew I wanted to make a Meat Lover’s Crock Pot Chili. My husband’s birthday was approaching and I knew this would be THE perfect dish for him.

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Ingredients for Crock Pot Chili for

Meat Lovers 1 lb

Wright® brand bacon – chopped1 lb sausage1 lb ground beef2 sweet onions, chopped4 garlic cloves: chopped3-4 cups beef broth depending on how thick or thin you like your chili1 28 oz Whole tomatoes do not drain1 15 oz Whole tomatoes do not drain2 cans of white chili peppers with non-drain sauce1 15 oz Can of tomato sauce1 8 oz Can of tomato sauce3-4 tablespoons of really good chili powder How to

Make Chili for Meat Lovers in a Slow Cooker

Notes on Meat Lover’s Crock Pot Chili

For this recipe, I highly recommend our all-in-one slow cooker that has a brown setting to allow you to cook your bacon IN

the slow cooker

  • while browning your other meats on the stove. However, any 6K slow cooker will work. If your slow cooker is 5 qt or smaller, you will need to reduce this recipe as it fills the 6 ct. Cook your meats at the same time to save time: I fried my bacon in my slow cooker (it has a golden setting) and meanwhile browned my ground beef and sausages together on the stove.
  • SAVE that bacon fat. Seriously. It is the nectar of nature. You’ll thank me when you see what I’m doing with him tomorrow ;). Simply drain it from the pot and pour it carefully into a glass jar. Trust me.
  • A note about tomatoes: I love whole tomatoes in chili. I’ve done it since childhood. The secret to using them in chili is when you pour them, take a large wooden spoon and break each tomato so that it can decompose a little more during cooking. It will still leave large pieces of tomato to complement all that meat, but they will mix more with the dish if you open them.
  • For macaroni or not for macaroni, it’s an old chili pepper thing. Where I grew up wasn’t chili without macaroni, yet many people protest using it. My commitment? Cooked macaroni now goes on the decorating table. I cook it, drain it and rinse it well with water so that it does not stick. Then macaroni lovers can pick it up in their bowl and non-macaroni people can rest knowing that the pasta hasn’t messed with the purity of their 😉 of oats. (But you know what this South Indiana girl does with leftovers? You guessed it… That paste is poured with the rest of the chili. Shhh!)

Once the chili was ready, I pulled out the fixin: sour cream, grated fresh cheese, chopped green onions, extra bacon (I LOVE that 1.5-pound pack because it REALLY had extra bacon this time!) and cooked macaroni and let everyone make their bowl however they wanted.

My husband loved it. My daughter loved it too. So much so, that he called dibs in the leftovers!

Printable recipe for meat lovers’ Crock Pot chili

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