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Slow cooker pasta casserole recipes

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Pasta baked in slow cooker is such an easy family dinner idea. You don’t even have to boil the pasta first, just put it in and let it cook to cheesy perfection.

Layers of penne, cheese, sauce and pasta come together in this easy meal. The preparation only takes a few minutes and the slow cooker takes it from there.

You have a hearty hot meal waiting for your family when you are ready. They’ll think you went further, but it will actually take you very little effort.

During the winter, we like hearty meals. There’s something about a good baked casserole or pasta that helps relieve a cold day.

I’ve been gravitating towards unboiled pasta recipes lately. Throwing raw pasta in the pan means fewer dirty dishes and faster preparation.

So I thought it would be fun to do a clay pot twist on that topic. Slow cookers already have a moist cooking environment, so it’s perfect for making sure the pasta softens well.



spraying your slow cooker insert with cooking spray. I used crockpot style mycasserole, but either way will work.

Add some marinara (or another tomato-based pasta sauce) to the bottom of the insert. Then add about half of the raw paste, making an even layer.

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Ready-to-assemble baked

pasta ingredients.” />

Layer of mixture of cream cheese and golden Italian sausage on crockpot pasta.

I used whole wheat penne for this batch and it worked well. Any paste with holes or curly shapes should work.

If you want to try to use direct actions, be careful to extend them. There’s less room for liquid to surround shapes like spaghetti or fettuccine, so the chance of undercooked crispy chunks increases.

Now combine a tub of cottage cheese with eggs and garlic salt. Distribute the layer of cheese over the pasta.

Now add some golden meat if desired. We used Italian sausages, but the burger, turkey or even ground venison would work.

You can also leave the meat out and make a vegetarian version. It will remain plentiful and delicious.

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Layered raw penne pasta on cheese and slow cooker sausages.” />

Pasta sauce over raw pasta in slow cooker.

Now add the remaining pasta and sauce to the pot. Put half a cup of water in a jar and shake to get the remaining sauce.

Then pour it into the other jar and do the same. Add that hot water to the insert and top with cheese.

Now all that’s left to do is cook it. Put the lid on and hold your slow cooker high for about 3 hours.

The sauve should be bubbly, the cheese should melt, and the pasta should be cooked. Try to pull out a noodle to test to be sure.

If you can wait, let the pasta sit for ten minutes after it cooks to allow it to absorb any additional liquid. Then serve alone or with garlic bread and a salad.

Easier slow cooker recipes If

the rich creamy alfredo

is a favorite in your home, you’ll love the slow-cooking alfredo chicken with pasta and broccoli. The preparation work is almost non-existent and dinner is cooked while you make your life.

Slow cooking chicken cacciatore soup is easy, delicious and healthy. Plus, everything is done in a slow cooker while you make something else. Top with cheese for a perfect dinner on a cold night.

Make macaroni and cheese directly in the slow cooker, don’t boil the noodles first. Plus, there’s some corn mixed in for an all-in-one dish!

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