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Slow cooker soup recipes with ham

Bean soup is an easy and inexpensive dish and one of our all-time favorite foods to come home on a cold day.

This “soak-free” ham and bean soup takes just a few minutes to prepare and cooks effortlessly in your Crock Pot throughout the day!

This easy recipe is quick to prepare and delicious, the perfect way to use any leftover ham and a great way to feed a crowd!

bean soup with cornbread and parsley

I’m excited to have partnered with Hurst’s HamBeens 15 BEAN SOUP® to bring you this belly warming bean soup recipe. Here’s why you’ll love this ham and bean soup The slow-cooked ham and bean soup The ham and bean® soup


the perfect family meal!

  • Simple and inexpensive, this is a great way to feed a crowd. This simple soup requires very few ingredients, starting with Hurst’s® HamBeens® 15 Bean Soup®, onion and ham.
  • You’ll need only a few minutes of brewing time, and best of all, beans don’t require soaking.
  • You can use leftover ham, a ham bone, smoked turkey or a ham hock.
  • It’s healthy and delicious, everyone always loves it! This hearty soup is like a big hug in a bowl!
  • This soup freezes and reheats well.


slow cooker does all the work creating an easy ham and bean soup that will warm you from the inside out.

HamBeens 15 bean soup package

Ingredients BEANS:

Ham and bean soup is the best comfort food and even more so when you have a beautiful bean mix! Hurst’s® HamBeens® 15 Bean Soup® isn’t just my favorite mix, I know you love it as much as I do!

Hurst’s HamBeens are top-notch for both quality and taste and are easily found in the dried bean section of almost any grocery store (or you can order them online). Along with the beans, a packet of seasonings is included in each pack of 15 bean soups, making it simple and perfectly seasoned every time!


Hurst’s 15 Bean Soup comes with a package of plant-based seasonings that really takes this recipe to the next level. It tastes great, has the perfect amount of seasoning, and a hint of smoky. Adding seasoning towards the end of cooking gives this soup an incredible flavor boost.

A splash of fresh lemon adds freshness. While using simple tomatoes, you can also use canned tomatoes with chili peppers to add some spice or heat to this ham and bean soup!

Ham for bean soup

If you have a ham bone left over from your

holiday baked ham, THIS is the recipe you’ll want to make with it. If you don’t have a

ham bone

, ask your local butcher or deli ham bones (usually very cheap) or ham hocks. Our street deli sells ham hocks for just a few dollars each. If you don’t have either, leftover chopped ham also works wonderfully in this recipe.


thing we really love about this ham bean soup recipe is that you don’t have to soak

the beans before cooking.

  • Rinse the beans thoroughly and check for residue. No soaking is necessary when using a slow cooker.
  • If you have already soaked the beans, you can reduce the liquid in the recipe by 1 cup.
  • IMPORTANT: Add acidic ingredients (such as canned tomatoes or lemon juice) after the beans have softened (these ingredients can sometimes interfere with rehydration).

How to

make ham

and bean soup

ingredients for bean soup in a clay pot

How to thicken bean


This soup comes out very thick and filling, just like we love it!

If you prefer a thinner consistency, add an extra cup of broth or water to your slow cooker. If you want a thicker bean soup, you can remove a cup or so from the beans and mix them and add them back to the soup. It will not change the taste in this way, it will only thicken the consistency, the soup will become almost creamier in this way.

We love this ham and bean soup served straight from the clay pot with a big piece of moist cornbread, but it’s also delicious served over rice!

<img src="https://www.spendwithpennies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/SWP-Hurst-Crock-Pot-Ham-and-Bean-Soup-4.jpg" alt="a bowl of bean

soup” />

Can you freeze ham and bean soup


Yes, not only is it easy, but this ham bean soup recipe makes a huge batch and freezes beautifully. That means cooking once, having two dinners and lunches all week… Count on me!

We freeze this in individual portions so we can easily grab one for lunches and smaller portions thaw faster.

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I’m excited to have partnered with Hurst’s HamBeens® 15 BEAN SOUP® to bring you this belly warming recipe. While I was compensated for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Working with great brands that I love allows me to keep bringing you the great recipes you love!

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