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Slow cooker spicy beef recipes

The spicy beef barbecue can be on your table tonight (and have plenty of leftovers!) with minimal effort. Load your clay pot in the morning and eat delicious shredded meat for days.

Skillet covered with shredded meat and limes with two gold forks

**This recipe was updated in 2020

Ahoy! A rare meat post here at betsylife! True, I don’t eat a lot of beef, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it… especially when it’s covered in eggs and wrapped in an omelet!

Whenever I see

a recipe that sounds delicious online, the first thing I do is read it in its entirety to see if it sounds like something I can do and if I already have all the necessary equipment to do it. When I found a Beef Barbecue I had to laugh because it required a Dutch oven.

Funny side story: A few years ago, The Hubs ordered a Dutch oven for Christmas. Instead of a regular kitchen-style Dutch oven, we got the old 25-pound type of camp (not sure what kind I really wanted) I guess we could make some rough camping food if we camped more often, but most of the time it sits on a shelf in the garage.

Anyway, when I saw this recipe I thought “yes! It’s time to take out the Dutch oven!”

Dutch cast iron furnace

FAST FORWARD: Ok, that first part was when I originally wrote the post in 2010. You can still use a Dutch oven for this recipe, but I updated it for a clay pot (because: easy)

Things that still ring true; We don’t eat a lot of beef, we still don’t camp next to anything, but we still love barbecue and have thought of plenty of ways to eat it over the years.

Barbecue of spicy meat

Did you know that the word barbecue is where the word barbecue comes from? It is basically slow and slow cooked meat, usually over an open flame or in a hole in the ground. For my urban purposes, not cowboys, I will use a clay pot as my “hole.”

What I love about recipes like this is that a single batch of spicy and shredded meat can be enjoyed in many different ways. Here are some of our biggest hits

Burrito bowl with barbecue of spicy meat, avocado, tomatoes, lime, cilantro, cabbage and corn next to a blue pattern napkin

Burrito bowls! Add some cabbage, avocado, gravy, corn, tomatoes or whatever your favorite ingredient is. This recipe is super familiar because everyone can make their own. I know The Hubs is going to sprinkle theirs on the hottest hot sauce known to man, so I’m glad to have control over my own spice levels.

Shredded meat on a tortilla topped with salsa, queso fresco, avocado and cilantro con tenedor

This breakfast and dinner taco was how I introduced this recipe in 2010. #putaneggonit should be the motto of my life. I love the combination of barbecue of spicy meat, liquid egg yolks, fresh cheese, avocado, onion and gravy. This could be my death row meal. There’s nothing I don’t like.

Mano folding a taco on a blue plate with a red napkin

You can’t go wrong with a classic taco! Melt some cheese, add some pico de gallo and you’re done with dinner.

Some other delicious barbecue options you’d like to try

  • Spicy
  • BBQ Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  • Add it to a casserole with cheese, noodles and vegetables
  • Make a ramen soup with barbecue

See what I mean? A clay pot full of meat can really take you places! Don’t even make me start with a shredded pig’s shoulder.

If you make this recipe tag me @betsylife on Instagram or Facebook! I love seeing your creations.

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