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the mexican shoe size standard is different from that of the united states or the united kingdom and almost any other size in the world. When shopping for shoes in international stores, trying to figure out the correct conversion from Mexican sizing to US, UK, and Euro could be a bit of a challenge.

In general, the size of Mexican shoes is smaller compared to the size standard adopted by Western countries, since the shape and structure of the body of Mexicans is often plumper and lower, while that average Americans or Europeans tend to be taller and larger. therefore, it can be difficult to find very large sizes in mexico.

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Find out more about shoe sizes here.

Mexican shoe size chart for men

Mexican shoe sizes for men are labeled according to foot length in centimeters (cm). The Mexican shoe size for men generally starts with a size 19, which represents a foot measurement of 19 cm. This equates to a US men’s size 0.5, which is 7? inches. Mexican shoe sizes for men, in general, include sizes 19, 19.5, 20, 20.5 and so on up to a size 34 which is a US 15.5 and measures 12? inches. each size has a difference of ? inches or 0.167 inches.

size chart of shoes for women mexico

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Women’s Mexican shoe sizes are also labeled by foot length measurement in cm. a women’s shoe size 18, for example, also represents a woman’s foot length equal to 18 cm or 7 ? inches. shoe sizes for women in mexico start with 18 which is a size 1 for women in the united states, 18.5 or us 1.5, 19 or us 2 and so on, reaching size 34 which is a size 17 in the united states which measures 12? inches. The mean difference between each size is ? inch or 0.33 inches.

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Mexican children’s shoe size chart

Like the men’s and women’s shoe sizes in Mexico, the children’s shoe sizes also follow the size of the foot length in cm. children’s shoe sizes in mexico are similarly different to the shoe size standards used in the united states, uk or europe, since mexicans, which is also true for children, are relatively smaller in comparison with the children of the western regions. Mexican children’s sizes start at a size 9, which is a US size 1 that measures 3? inches. Sizes range from 10, 11, 12 to size 24, which in the US is a size 6y or 9 ¾ inches. Each size in Mexican children’s footwear has a ? inch or 0.375 inches.

conversion of shoe sizes from mexico to usa

Mexican to US shoe size conversion: how does it work?

To convert Mexican shoe sizes to US sizes, first understand that Mexican shoe sizes are based on foot length in centimeters. Mexican shoe sizes can be written abbreviated, such that you might see a Mexican shoe size 24.5 written as “4.5” and a size 25 labeled as “5”. To easily convert the Mexican shoe size to its corresponding US size, find the Mexican shoe measurement in centimeters and convert it to inches, using the tables provided, find the equivalent size in the US standard.

Remember, however, that there is no perfect chart for converting shoe sizes. each manufacturer may use their own size standard, so it is advisable to check the size standard first before proceeding with conversions.

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More information on shoe size conversion can be found here.

Mexican shoe size conversion tables

frequently asked questions

Is the Mexican men’s shoe size 6.5 equivalent to a US size?

size 6.5 in mexico is equivalent to size 8 in the united states. Size 6.5 in Mexico is the abbreviated size “26.5” which is equivalent to 10? inches and a US size 8.

What shoe size is a Mexican size 23 equivalent to in American girls?

A Mexican size 23 in girls is equivalent to an American size 5y or 9 inches. a Mexican size 23 also means that the child has a foot length of 23 centimeters.

what size is a 3.5 mexican shoe in the united states?

Depending on whether you are converting a Mexican women’s or men’s size to usa, the process for finding the equivalent size is to first find the equivalent inch of the Mexican shoe size (see conversion tables) and then convert it to the appropriate measurement of the size wears. Remember that shoe sizes in Mexico are based on foot length in centimeters. a Mexican women’s size 19.5, for example, means that the user’s foot measures 19.5 cm. can this be converted to a us 2.5 which is 7 ? inches. the same rule applies to men. a size 20 Mexican shoe means 20 cm of foot length. In US sizing this would convert to a size 1.5, which measures 8 inches.

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