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Are you looking for the best solana nfts to buy in 2022? Since its inception, Solana has quickly become one of the flagship blockchains on which NFT projects are launched. many of these projects have seen massive success in the world of cryptocurrencies and nfts. solana nfts started its dominance in the crypto nft space ever since ape academy nfts degenerates were released. and ever since eth gas fees started to hit the sky, solana became the most popular blockchain in the crypto space after ethereum, for artists to launch their nft collection.

the best solana nfts to buy in 2022

Let’s take a look at some of these premier projects in solana for 2022 and what makes them stand out from the rest. today’s list includes degenerate ape academy, abc, yoots mint toob, degods, okay bears, ggsg, and kikiverse.

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degenerate ape academy

After spending a few minutes on the degenerate ape academy website, one can easily understand why they are so popular with the nft space. Your mission is simple, round up ten thousand of the softest brained students, put them in one place and let them fuck! it’s a bit hard to deny such a pure and open mission. the first impression anyone can get of the collection is that it looks and sounds cool and fun, which is exactly what has caught the attention of so many others. None of the collection mentioned in this article has generated the hype that this project has.

abc (abarakadabra)

This collection is like no other on the list because it has no team, no mints, no royalties, no roadmap or even a dedicated website or social media at launch. it’s really fascinating how art and a community can take a project to such heights. The creator of this 10,000 NFT collection is none other than Solana’s largest whale, HGE.SOL. He states that this project was a way for him to bring back the simpler times that people experienced during his childhood. the project was never intended to be traded at values ​​as high as hge.sol himself told people in a tweet that this should not be seen as an investment and will do nothing to boost the collection too.

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degods is currently officially the largest nft project on the solana blockchain. it’s innovative, community-focused, gives back to its owners in new ways all the time, has celebrities involved like icecube, and so much more. All of these qualities have helped Degods become the success story it is today. the floor price of a degod at the time of this writing is 369 sol. in fact, this project has become a world-class nft collection, and if it continues to grow at the same rate, it could become the largest nft collection in the world.

your mint teeth

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yoots mint toob is another collection created by the founders of the hyper-successful degods nft project. this made it one of the most hyped collections at the time of release. yoots were originally called duppies and there are a total of 15,000 in circulation. the mintage price of a yot was 375 powder, which is just over a thousand US dollars. Instead of a usual lottery process to whitelist buyers, the creators of yoots took a different approach. if you already had a dead god, you were automatically whitelisted, and if not, you could participate in the scholarship that would determine who seems fit enough to have a yoot. once they pass this test, that person will be publicly announced on the official yoots mint toob twitter handle.

good bears

okay, the bears describe themselves as a culture changer. a clean 10,000-piece collection of diverse bears with the goal of building a virtuous community that will transcend the internet into the real world. the motto of this project is “we are going to be fine”. what makes okay have an exceptional collection is its model. while most nft projects have roadmaps, okay bears goes further and provides a comprehensive plan. this includes 7 different parts namely the park, the workshop, the gallery, the boutique, the studio, the platform and the bear market.

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ggsg or galactic gecko space garage is another great project and collection of nft on the solana blockchain. It is an NFT social adventure club that has 10,000 warriors turned into space racing geckos. The website describes how you can ‘sponsor’ a gecko by owning your NFT and participate in the most elite, fierce and adventurous club in the universe. you can also choose one or several factions that can have “cosmic consequences”. the website also presents the tradition of the same in detail. the minimum price of a ggsg at the time of writing this is 20 soles.


the kikiverse nft collection is one of the new emerging multi-chain projects. the artwork in the collection has been made by the legendary four-leaf clover. The collection is part of an animated series in production that will be watched to win. The kikiverse website goes into more detail about the project’s art, noting how they’re ‘extra cute’ with over 1,200 hand-drawn character traits or unique features. the total number of nfts for this collection is 10,000 with over 100 unique characters. all nfts also have official rarity ratings.

list of the best solana nfts 2022

my pick: best solana nft 2022 project: okaybears

okaybears is my favorite solana nft p2p collection of 2022. the collection was released in april 2022 and has recorded over 18 million in sales so far, and currently has a minimum price of 63. i like their art and I find them prettier.

where to buy these solana nfts?

You can buy these and other solana nfts at nft marketplaces like opensea, magiceden, solsea, solanart, etc.

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which solana nft should i buy?

Before we write anything else, I must first tell you that nothing we have written in this article – top solana nfts of 2022 is financial advice and this is not an email sponsorship. the list of top nft projects on the solana blockchain of 2022 was selected based on their merits and is our personal opinion.

Okay, now that I’ve shared the disclaimer, please understand that most of these collections are quite young and still have a lot of hidden potential if executed well. it also shows that the solana blockchain continues to grow at a massive rate day after day, hour after hour. prices could also plummet and not all of the nfts we mention in this list are going to be successful.

now to answer your question about which solana nft you should buy, if you have funds and would like to invest part of it in nft, i would say its better to invest in a mix of nft collections, with high floor price and one comparatively lower. for example, you can buy okaybears on solana, which currently has a minimum price of 63 soles, and along with that, you can also buy kikiverse whose minimum price is 2.37 soles. yoots is another great nft collection you can invest in.

Whatever solana nfts you would buy, keep in mind that these solana nfts are not as liquid as tokens, and you may have to wait until you find a buyer while you sell these works of art.

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