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Luxury Landscaping

A luxury landscaping includes everything people typically associate with an upscale home. Both organic and inorganic elements work together to create a sense of refinement, and functionality is designed with maximum creature comforts in mind. Home entertainment and private events also play a major role in luxury landscaping, because most clients who invest the large sums of money required for this high-end service are looking to share the experience of their homes with honored guests and close family members that they invite to their estate for special events, removed from the busy crowds and jostle of the nightlife abroad.

custom pool design

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Virtually every luxury landscape has a custom pool that has been specifically designed to support multiple aesthetic elements and scale proportionally to its surroundings. the shape and size of the pool should complement the geometry and symmetry of the custom home architecture, and should also blend aesthetically with the surrounding exterior structures and work in harmony with the surrounding organic elements.

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custom font layout

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Water fountains are iconic symbols of luxury and wealth. they add dimension to the landscape and create a decorative feel, no matter how big or small. larger properties often have multiple water fountains built throughout the property. there may be a larger central fountain that acts as a focal point for a main gathering or seating area. smaller fountains can be built to add dimension and shape to custom gardens. other, more private areas may have small water fountains built just for the enjoyment of the owner or a few very close friends. These smaller custom fountains are often used as centerpieces for private sitting areas and morning gardens where homeowners can quietly read the morning paper and enjoy the sunlight filtering through the trees at dusk when the sun sets.

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parterre gardens

A large percentage of luxury landscapes tend to rely on traditional European gardens to achieve the organic symmetry and balance essential to creating a superior outdoor living experience. The parterre garden is one such form, and it works much better on a large property than on a smaller lot. In France, parterre gardens were originally intended for foot traffic, and were designed around intersecting gravel paths that allowed people to stroll through the middle of the garden while looking at it. this design is not always easy to replicate in the average houston yard due to the size restrictions that smaller properties present to us. however, on larger properties in river oaks and tanglewood, for example, there are often enough acres for us to build a traditional parterre garden that provides aesthetics and a special area where guests can walk and gather.

rose gardens

However, parterre gardens are a specifically French form and may not work with all types of home architecture. custom home design today can be very eclectic, so not every property we turn to can be enhanced with a specific cultural form. Some large homes feature a mix of European styles and require lavish landscaping plans that support their overall aesthetic without relying too heavily on any specific European region or time period in history. these estates will always benefit from a simple, yet carefully planted and maintained rose garden. this is because roses, like fountains, have become a symbol of luxury and wealth in both canonical and popular culture. virtually any style of home or landscape will benefit greatly from the contribution they make to the landscape.

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custom solid surface design

As essential as high-end aesthetics are to any luxury landscape, it is equally important that we always keep in mind that the largest properties are developed for the express purpose of entertaining large groups of special guests, family and friends. landscape architects not only have to work very hard to create impeccable forms and outdoor structures to please the sensibilities of these guests, but they must also make these forms and structures safe, easily accessible and comfortable for the many people who will attend the functions. who stayed at the farm. Custom paving and special hard surface design should be used to build structures such as parking areas, paths and walkways, and patio seating areas. these hardscapes require a skillful combination of special design and higher grade materials to complement the surrounding terrain and the architecture of the house. the size of each structure should also be calculated based on the anticipated number of guests that will attend specific types of events.

outdoor landscape lighting

One may not immediately think of landscape lighting as one of the key components of luxury landscaping, but when you consider that nearly all staged events on a large property take place at night, it becomes apparent how crucial landscape lighting is. professional exterior lighting provides visibility in gathering and transit areas, and magnifies aesthetics by adding special decorative effects to specific shapes and items of interest. patio lighting, pathway lights, custom pool lights, specialty garden lighting, fountain lighting, and concealed tree lighting are just a few examples of landscape lighting techniques that make a property is safe and comfortable to move around in, so that people can enjoy its many finer nuances at any time. night time.

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Due to the highly individualized and personal nature of custom home architecture, it is impossible to apply any type of “formula” to luxury landscaping. each property must be treated as a unique world and developed with the intention of creating an outdoor living experience that uniquely expresses the architecture of the house and the lifestyle of the owner. extensive consultation with the client is absolutely necessary to gather all the data necessary for such a design, and the materials used to construct the landscaping elements must represent the highest grade and quality of manufacture to ensure the flawless results that people expect from an investment of this magnitude.

For over 20 years, Exterior Worlds has specialized in serving many of Houston’s elegant neighborhoods.

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