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They say that the march goes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. So, will your baby March be a quiet little sheep… or will he roar his way into king of the jungle? Read on to find out some interesting facts about your future March baby.

here are 7 fun facts about your going baby:

Your March baby’s zodiac sign will be either Pisces or Aries.

It doesn’t matter if your baby’s temperament resembles that of a lion or a lamb, your little one is destined to be a fish or a ram… at least when it comes to their zodiac sign! March babies arriving between the 1st and 20th will be Pisces, a sign associated with compassion and creativity. And babies born on or after March 21 will be Aries, a sign that is considered passionate, motivated, and energetic.

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March babies have two birthstones.

The traditional birthstone for March is frosty aquamarine, which according to superstition helped keep sailors safe at sea. But if the blue-green sparkler doesn’t suit your March baby, they have an alternative to choose from: the dark green, red-speckled heliotrope. According to tradition, the ancient Egyptians believed that the bloodstone gave them an advantage over their enemies in battle.

Your March baby’s birth flower is a daffodil.

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nothing says “spring” like the joyful daffodil buds emerging from the hard, icy ground. Likewise, your March baby’s birth flower, the daffodil, represents joy, sunshine, and friendship. basically a mood booster in the form of a flower! speaking of mood boosters…

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Your March baby may have a cheerful disposition.

a European study found that people who have a tendency to be excessively positive were more likely to be born in spring or summer than in other months. According to the lead researcher, the season of a person’s birth can affect certain neurotransmitters that influence mood. Of course, spring doesn’t officially start until the end of March; Fortunately, the same study had similarly promising findings about winter babies, who tend to be less cranky than those born during the rest of the year.

Your March baby could be in the corner office.

are you raising a baby boss? maybe, according to a study! Research published in the journal Economic Letters found that babies born in March and April were more likely to become CEOs than their peers born in other months. this probably reflects what is called the “relative age effect,” which describes the advantage that relatively older children have over their younger classmates (children born at the end of the school year, in June or July).

Your gear baby can fly to great heights…

If your child isn’t climbing the corporate ladder, they may still be literally climbing the career ladder…as a pilot! A small UK study found that March was a popular birth month for pilots.

No matter what your baby march’s talents are, they’ll be in the company of stars.

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March has a lot of star power, perhaps thanks to… its rainy weather? one researcher found that celebrity births were clustered in “wet” months (think: December through March). while the theory may not hold up quite well (pun intended!), there seems to be evidence on the way of celebrities sharing march birthdays (lady gaga, justin bieber, mariah carey, lupita nyong’o, jessica biel, reese witherspoon and shaq, to ​​name a few).

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Is your March baby early or late?

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