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manjula pothos care is simple once you get the hang of it. read this entire care guide to learn everything you need to know to care for this beauty. In general, pothos plants are popular. they are vigorous growers, beautiful vines, and easy to care for. the manjula is no exception.

manjula pothos is not a naturally mutated variety of pothos. never lived in the wild in this coloration. Rather, this variety is a proprietary cultivated variety made in India. the scientific name is epipremnum aureum manjula. the patent is epipremnum ‘hansoti14’.

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Epipremnum manjula pothos is coveted for its beautiful glossy foliage. This somewhat rare plant has beautiful hints of white, cream, and silver on the heart-shaped, wavy green leaves.

manjula is also known as the happy leaf pothos. and it’s no wonder it has a lively, spirited spirit with plenty of flair and flair to add to your home.

where to find manjula pothos:

You can’t expect to find manjula pothos in your local garden stores. you might be lucky, but I’ve never seen one in the local stores in our area.

however, you can find them on etsy for less than $20.00. we buy on etsy when plants are not available locally from reliable small US growers with good reviews. we’ve had good luck with etsy.

search manjula pothos on etsy

today the rarest pothos is the harlequin. Is the harlequin a manjula? No. the harlequin pothos is an amazing mutation of the manjula.

the harlequin is even harder to find than the manjula and much more expensive. the harlequin pothos is also available on etsy if you have a lot of money. it’s so pretty!

how can you tell it’s a manjula?

There are several varied species of pothos. some of them are closely related and easy to confuse. but there are clear differences that we can point out.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. take a look at our gallery below. we have some of the most similar tagged variegated pothos.

manjula pothos vs. marble queen: the manjula marbling pattern has some blurring and speckling like the marble queen, but with more pronounced and defined white areas. Another distinctive feature is the texture of the leaves. the leaves of the marble queen are smooth while the manjula has wavy leaves.

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pearls and jade are easily confused with the manjula as it also has the queen’s variegation along with the distinct white areas. but the manjula has slightly lighter lines between green and white.

pothos n joy is also often confused with manjula as both have wavy leaves and a similar color pattern. however, pothos n joy is bushier with shorter distances between leaf nodes, causing it to curl in on itself as it grows. Manjula leaf coloration is also less distinctive than that of n joy with some blurring along the white edges.

buy manjula pothos on etsy

manjula care troubleshooting issues:

reasons why manjula has brown spots on the leaves:

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Brown spots on manjula pothos may indicate over-fertilization, too-intense direct sunlight, low humidity, over-watering, and root problems. Pests can also damage leaves, causing brown or yellow spots.

Read all about the seven most common houseplant pests here and find out how to get rid of them if that’s your problem.

The most common problems with manjula pothos care stem from excessive watering. if you see brown spots with yellowing leaves, it’s probably due to over watering which is turning into root rot. Avoid overwatering by keeping your pothos on a regular watering schedule. and water only after testing the soil to see if it is dry to the roots.

read our complete irrigation guide here

Over-fertilizing can cause brown spots on the leaves of your manjula. Salts from fertilizers can build up on the leaves and burn them. this leaves unsightly brown spots on the leaves.

The cure for accumulated salts in the soil is to flush the plant from the top with water for several minutes until the water runs out of the drainage hole for a while. now let the pot sit until completely drained in your sink. a good wash should balance the salts in your soil.

go lightly in fertilizing pothos plants.

read more about how to fertilize plants correctly here

Proper lighting is an important part of manjula pothos care. manjula does not do well in strong, hot direct sunlight.

If you see brown spots on the leaves of your manjula, it may be sunburned. note the amount of direct light it receives. the leaves will burn if the sun gets too hot and hits the leaves directly for many hours a day.

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You may need to remove it from direct light if you have a strong western or southern exposure. you may also have success using scissors to diffuse direct light.

read more about how to choose the best lighting for your indoor plants

Low humidity often shows up as brown leaf tips. Brown leaf tips mean you should add a pebble tray under your plant with water and place the manjula nearby. humidifiers and plant groupings will also help raise the humidity to a higher level. manjula prefers 50% humidity or more. but 40% humidity is usually enough.

why does manjula turn yellow?

Yellow leaves on manjula are usually a sign of overwatering. when roots are smothered by too much water, they drown, die, and rot. the plant stops feeding on leaves as it has few or no roots and has to prioritize. pests and poor soil or fertilizers can also cause leaves to turn yellow.

Read the seven reasons why your plant has yellow leaves in this post.

why does my manjula turn green? can manjula reverse?

Like all variegated pothos vines, manjula can revert to green foliage if placed in low light for an extended period of time. manjula needs brighter indirect light to maintain its variety.

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Over time, manjula will emit less variety if it’s not in a bright area. reverting to solid or mostly green leaves occurs in low light because the plant can only photosynthesize from the green areas of its leaves. Chlorophyll is green and a necessary component of all plants.

The white areas of a leaf cannot feed the plant. manjula will begin to produce less white on its leaves to feed and protect itself. for best color and variety, place your manjula in a bright, indirectly lit area.

how to prune manjula pothos:

manjula pothos care includes pruning. these vines will easily grow as a hanging basket, on a high shelf where it can trail down, or climb up a trellis or mossy post. manjula can be pruned to any size you like. they even make good table plants.

pothos vines creep and climb naturally. In the wild, these sturdy vines climb trees and grow up to 60 feet with 2-inch stems and huge leaves. They can take over entire forests. if you live in a tropical climate, keep your pothos in a container so they don’t become invasive. Pruning them from your garden won’t be easy once they take root in the ground.

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Indoors your manjula will behave much better and is easy to train. As a houseplant, manjula vines will be about six feet long. if you don’t want that long length, trim off the excess at any leaf nodes on the stem. Small hand pruners or sharp scissors work well for trimming these plants.

To climb, your manjula will need to be tied to the trellis or pole you want it to climb. it will grow easily after it starts.

pothos vines do not grow on the attached post and cling like English ivy. you can simply place them on top of the structure if they can lie flat on it and allow the vine to grow along it. tying the vine will ensure it stays where you want it.

more potho plants:

There are many attractive potho plants available. all are easy care. look at these varieties!

how is manjula pothos propagated?

all pothos plants are extremely easy to propagate by stem cutting. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a Manjula Pothos, you’ll probably have friends and family begging for cuttings.

The easiest way to propagate a manjula is to take a stem cutting and place it in a cup of water or in your aquarium. in about 2 to 3 weeks roots will form. We have a post on propagating pothos that will show you how to multiply your manjula with several easy methods.

read the full pothos propagation guide here

how to care for manjula pothos:

manjula pothos care is not difficult, we have put together a printable care guide that covers all the tips and tricks you need for a healthy plant.

here is our quick care guide for the manjula. At a glance you can see some key facts about this plant.

For more detailed printable manjula pothos care instructions, be sure to check out our printable care guide below.

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read more about pothos

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