40 Hot Wispy Bangs That Are So Trendy in 2022 – Hair Adviser

Wispy bangs complement modern women’s haircuts. soft, lightly feathered bangs instantly transform your look, giving you a more youthful and edgy appearance. Haircuts with wispy bangs frame your face well and soften strong jaw lines, especially when you opt for a style that flatters your face shape.

here is our collection of images of elegant hairstyles with wispy bangs for you to choose from before heading to your stylist.

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1. Layered medium hair with wispy bangs. For a sultry and sexy tousled effect, go for layered medium hair with wispy feathered bangs. this style will easily disguise a large forehead and give you a sleek and elegant look.

2. crisp, wispy bangs. nothing spells sexier than a feathered bang that frames the face. This edgy hairstyle is ideal for those who want full fringe without the thickness of classic bangs.

3. fine bangs for fine hair. soft, light bangs with lots of texture are best for people with fine hair. Layers add volume and bounce to flat-looking hair. Layered feathered bangs are your go-to if you have delicate, wispy locks.

4. wispy curtain bangs. Brigitte Bardot made this hairstyle famous in the ’60s and now it’s back in style. curtain bangs are often long, layered, and parted in the center, creating a sexy frame for your face with a focus on your eyes and cheekbones.

5. sheer thin bangs. go well with wavy hair. The fine, feathered bangs on her forehead exquisitely complement her wavy hair and resonate with the subtle highlights at the ends.

6. messy wispy bangs. Messy is effortlessly cool, and nothing comes close to elegance quite like a messy haircut with wispy bangs. For beautiful texture and a sexy look, add lots of layers to your messy bangs.

7. ponytail with wispy bangs. Pair your ponytails with wispy bangs for a classic schoolgirl look. A high ponytail with messy bangs to the side gives you a youthful, carefree, and feminine look.

8. Long Wavy Hair with Wispy Bangs. Feminine and classic, the Long Wavy Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs is always a hit for both casual and formal outings. messy wavy hair goes well with wispy fringes.

9. classic long hair with wispy bangs. want a thick but airy front bang? then opt for this bold and elegant style that creates additional volume for your hair.

10. balayage and feathery bangs. update your long hair with wispy bangs and an ombre color to add more dimension to your hairstyle. With this technique you will obtain delicate and natural-looking highlights.

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11. medium layered hair and fine bangs. fine haircuts soften the strong jawline and make you look younger. opt for this cut with delicate bangs if you want to hide a large forehead and achieve a sensual look.

12. sparse hair with side bangs. side bangs make the face look more oval and slightly longer. this makes side bangs suitable for people with round and heart-shaped faces. wispy layered bangs combed to the side create an asymmetrical effect that helps elongate the face.

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13. Shoulder-length hair with wispy bangs. Textured bangs are great for shoulder-grazing hair. the layers add volume and body to your hair and frame the face in an amazing way.

14. wispy, fine bangs. For wispy bangs and medium hair, follow this style to keep the focus on your eyes. These bangs are usually parted in the middle and lengthen to the sides to show more of the forehead and face.

15. thin wispy bangs. these bangs are perfect for a cute and charming aesthetic. combine it with different colors in the highlights and you will get a fascinating hairstyle that only needs little maintenance.

16. Korean fine bangs. Do you have fine hair? this bangs will help make your hair look fuller. if you are not sure what color to try, go for red as it suits any skin tone. you just need to find which shade works best for you.

17. thick, feathered bangs. are similar to curtain bangs with one exception: they are not parted down the middle. they can be designed any way you want. The bangs are textured at the ends, so they fall seamlessly with the rest of your hair.

18. birkin fringed bangs. If you’re looking for an effortless, romantic look, this bangs will do just that. they brush against your lashes and offer a messy yet elegant vibe.

19. wispy upturned bangs. excellent for square faces, this bang will make your face look more proportionate. go for the babylights and the wavy style to add more facets to your hair.

20. uneven choppy bangs. these bangs are textured with the strands feathered at the ends and cut into different lengths. select them if you want to balance your facial features.

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21. korean wispy bangs. korean wispy bangs have a distinctive sheer look, as the bangs are so thin that the forehead peeks out. the delicate bangs are usually stopped between the upper eyebrows and lashes and give a subtle youthful vibe.

22. piecey light bangs. can you make your own light bangs at home? To cut a thin bang at home, you need to pinch it with your fingers and cut it vertically until you get the thickness you want. start with a few threads first.

23. sheer bangs. Go for a thin bang that goes below your eyebrows, but doesn’t go into your eyes. this fringe is perfect for softening any strong features and showing off your enigmatic side.

24. folded wispy bangs that brush the eyebrows. This is another great hairstyle with wispy bangs for naturally fine hair. soft and light, with the bangs brushing the eyebrows. Paired with a shaggy cropped bob, the folded bangs create a chic and feminine hairstyle.

25. wispy half-moon bangs. One of the benefits of wispy bangs is that they can be styled in a variety of ways to create different looks and effects. complete your bangs with a half updo hairstyle and enjoy a retro style.

26. lob haircut with wispy bangs. check out this beautiful combination of a classic wispy bangs and a long thinned mane. the blunt cut of the ends contrasts perfectly with the fine, feathered fringe.

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27. a-line with wispy bangs. go for short hair and wispy bangs for a sophisticated look. the a line presents a classic, feminine and always appropriate cut. Pair it with face-framing bangs for an elegant and versatile hairstyle.

28. long hair with wispy bangs. short hair with wispy bangs looks just as fantastic as long hair with bangs. wispy bangs go well with short hairstyles, making them appear fuller and more dynamic.

29. blonde hair with wispy bangs. blonde says beautiful, add a light, wispy bang and go from simply beautiful to seductively beautiful. rely on bangs to draw attention to all the right features on your face.

30. wispy bangs and long straight cut. this blonde hair with wispy bangs offers a classy aesthetic. makes your face the focal point and gives your hair extra volume.

31. fine bangs for thick hair. bangs are just what thick, full hair with lots of volume needs to go from ordinary to fabulous. they provide a beautiful and balanced environment to the entire hair.

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32. wispy wispy bangs for long hair. this super feminine long hair with wispy bangs is a great option for those trying a wispy bangs hairstyle for the first time or for those who are too shy to commit to a full bang . the hairstyle is soft, natural and enhances the beauty of your face.

33. wispy baby bangs. these attention-grabbing wispy bangs look fantastic on oval-shaped faces. Combine this look with bold makeup to be everyone’s admiration. Wispy baby bangs, also called micro bangs, are a no-no for people with round and square faces.

34. wispy bangs for straight hair. feathered wispy bangs with longer pieces on the sides is nothing short of perfection. Bangs like this look fantastic on straight hair, whether it’s short, medium or long.

35. oval face and fine bangs. neat bangs of the same length are very flattering on oval faces. keep the length of your fine bangs a little below your eyebrows.

36. wispy bangs for black hair. for a powerful and captivating look, style your jet black hair with wispy bangs that reach past the eyes. make the bangs light to easily manipulate the style and not overpower the look.

37. wispy curtain bangs. wispy, face-framing bangs are the bomb. It’s no wonder hairstyles with side swept bangs lead many red carpet events. this hairstyle is extremely elegant and simply beautiful.

38. wispy parted bangs. For a classic and charming relaxed look, try wispy parted bangs with long or shoulder-length hair. chunky bangs can be achieved with the right cut or products, and chic hairstyles can be achieved effortlessly.

39. long wispy bangs. super chic and very feminine, long wispy bangs draw admiring attention. The bangs beautifully frame her face and highlight the angelic beauty of her eyes and cheekbones.

40. wispy bangs with medium hair. wispy bangs add texture and interest to medium-length hair, creating an illusion of volume and thickness. chunky highlights add a perfect finishing touch to this style.

If you want to transition to bangs but aren’t too fond of thick, bushy bangs, these hairstyles with wispy bangs may be exactly what you need.

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