The Best Budget Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel | Dicebreaker

making an economic deck in yu-gi-oh! Master dueling, on the surface, seems like an insurmountable task. The problem is that although there are many cheap decks in yu-gi-oh! master duel, the best meta decks in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel, thus the most competitive decks, are packed with Secret Rare (SR) and Ultra Rare (UR) cards from many different Secret Pack options. This means that a player has to invest a large amount of in-game currency (gems) in multiple varieties of secret packs hoping to get the right cards or dismantle many other collected sr/ur cards to create the necessary cards.

best yu-gi-oh! dueling budget master decks

  • megalith
  • timelords
  • ultraathletes
  • toon town
  • draco

Fortunately, there are cheap master dueling decks that will allow you to stay competitive without the colossal outlay of gems and materials. the best cheap decks in yu-gi-oh! master duel offers a variety of interesting strategies to use in the pvp scene for those not looking to invest heavily in the metagame. for the purposes of this list, “budget” is classified as having few sr/ur cards, or the sr/ur cards needed to build the deck are contained within a secret pack, increasing the chances of their being drawn the necessary cards. the package.

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1. megalith

all the rituals, without complications

The Best Budget Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel | Dicebreaker

Megalith is a cheap Master Duel deck to put together, but offers some serious power thanks to its ritual summoning combos. Image: Konami

The Megalith deck is by far the easiest budget Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel deck to assemble, thanks to most of the cards being unlockable through The Mystery of the Megalith gate in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel’s excellent solo mode. The main goal of this Megalith deck is to repeatedly ritual summon Megalith monsters and use their abilities to rip apart your opponent’s field. Getting the requisite ritual cards to hand is pretty easy, thanks to the card fetch effects on monsters such as Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands and summoning spells like Impcantation Thanatosis, which will also destroy an enemy card when a ritual summon is performed. From there, it’s time to start chaining ritual effects.

The main benefit of ritual summoning megaliths is that, unlike most ritual decks that require a spell card to perform the ritual, the monsters themselves act as the ritual spell card. this makes it easier to perform the rituals and doesn’t block your summoning by drawing a specific card. Each Megalith Ritual Monster can be used as a Tribute to immediately Summon another Megalith card in a Chain of Destruction.

You’ll want to start with megalith orphiel, which lets you bring another Ritual Megalith monster from your deck to your hand. then use orphiel to summon megalith hagith, allowing you to use the quick play spell megalith unformed and reduce the opponent’s monster’s attack by 500. then summon Megalith Bethor to further destroy enemy cards depending on how many Ritual Monsters you have in your Gy, before Summoning Megalith Phaleg, which gains 300 attacks for each Ritual Monster in your G. gy, which at this point should increase phaleg’s attack to a lofty 3400.

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With a very clear progression of rituals and easy access to the cards in your deck, the Megalith Deck offers a fun and affordable master dueling deck to take down your enemy’s camp. the deck’s reliance on only normal and rare cards makes it incredibly cheap to assemble and handy to have on hand for any future n/r events that may occur.

2. time lords

immovable objects

The Best Budget Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel | Dicebreaker

Timelords isn’t just a strong budget Master Duel deck – it’s also fairly easy to play. Image: Konami

Timelords are one of the most fascinating budget decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. They are incredibly easy to use and can be very frustrating to play against if you do not know what is going on. Timelords are level 10 monsters with zero attack and defence. Which seems awful. However, they cannot be destroyed and do not inflict or receive any damage. The power of the Timelords lies within their effects.

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For example, michion, the time lord will halve your opponent’s overall hit points if he participates in the battle. raphion, the timelord can inflict an opponent’s monster’s attack power directly to your opponent’s life points which, when combined with thunderking, the lightningstrike kaiju, can cause devastating damage.

Time Lords can be Summoned directly from your hand without the need for Tributes, as long as you have no monsters on the field. At the start of your turn, a Time Lord on the field is shuffled back into the deck, allowing you to summon a new one onto the field. If you don’t have a time lord in your hand, cards like time maiden will be banished in exchange for a time lord in your deck.

The main problem with time lords is that because their strengths lie in their effects, anything that can negate card effects, like trap ability drain, will leave time lords extremely weak. vulnerable. this is why trap cards like secret barrel, which deals 200 damage for each card your opponent has on the field and in hand, and dimensional wall , dealing any damage you may have. received directly on your opponent’s lp, it will help bring the pain when the time lords can’t.

If you don’t know how to counter them, the Time Lords can feel like an invincible giant able to quickly and effortlessly take down any deck that gets in their way.

3. ultra athletes

athletes doing athlete things

The Best Budget Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel | Dicebreaker

Most of the cards you need for an Ultra Athletes deck can be pulled from Master Duel’s Tournament Athletes secret pack. Image: Konami

Not only are U.A. decks very easy and cheap to assemble, thanks to pretty much every major card being available in the Tournament Athletes secret pack, they are one of the most fun and effective non-meta decks in the whole of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

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u.a. monsters are unique in that they can move from the field into your hand, allowing certain abilities to activate throughout different phases of both your own turn and your opponent’s. on your turn, offensive cards like u.a. dreadnaught dunker has impressive attack power and the ability to destroy another card on the field on a successful attack. u.a. playmaker can offer his own attack power to other monsters to increase their damage. this, combined with field spells like u.a. stadium, it can greatly increase the attack power of your u.a. monsters

u.a. the cards really show their power during your opponent’s turn. u.a. the libero attacker can be exchanged with a card drawn from his deck when his opponent plays a card, which is an excellent opportunity to bring a.u. ace perfect to the field. Perfect Ace has the ability to turn off and destroy an opponent’s card effect once per turn. through any of the turns when you summon an u.a. monster, the ace of the deck, u.a. Player Manager, can be summoned and destroy a card on the field or negate the effects of all your opponent’s monsters. this is very disruptive and can be incredibly tricky if used correctly.

in general, u.a. cards have the potential to destabilize even some of the most powerful decks in dueling master. this makes u.a. More complicated to run than other cheap decks on this list but, with time and patience, you’ll rise through the ranks using nothing but the power of teamwork.

4. toon town

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Get ready for the toon world, yugi boy!

The Best Budget Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel | Dicebreaker

Toon Town is another Master Duel deck made cheap to acquire thanks to most of its cards appearing in a single secret pack: Toontastic. Image: Konami

Toon Town cards are some of the most iconic throughout the whole of Yu-Gi-Oh! thanks to their prominent portrayal in the first season of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. Although Toon Town is not the strongest deck on this list, for fans of the anime looking to play Master Duel and players not familiar with some of the newer mechanics in the game, it’s a cheap and easy place to start your Master Duel journey thanks to the key cards being widely accessible through the Toontastic secret pack.

The goal of a toon deck is to gain access to the toon realm as quickly as possible. getting this field spell using toon marker or toon table of contents will be the most effective way to do it. With Toon Kingdom on the field, none of your Toon monsters can be targeted by card effects, and if a monster would be destroyed by battle, you can banish a card from your deck instead, taking the damage but keeping the monster. the caveat is that if the toon kingdom was destroyed, your toons will go with it.

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For Toon monsters you control, as long as your opponent doesn’t control a fellow Toon, you can attack your opponent’s Life Points directly. With the deck packed with powerful cards like Red-Eyes Toon Dragon and Toon Dark Wizard, this can quickly become devastating.

Toon decks are not without their flaws, but thanks to the ease of access to rarer cards and the simplicity of the play style, toon decks are a cheap and effective master dueling deck suitable for beginners and players alike. for veterans of the game.

5. drake

tribute spells to bring pain

The Best Budget Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel | Dicebreaker

Collectively known as the Draco decks, Master Duel decks built around the Draco monsters are extremely strong but relatively cheap to construct. Image: Konami

Draco decks are the most in-meta of the cheap Master Duel decks in this list, thanks to their unique tribute summoning cycle and ability to control and stall your opponent’s deck. Even better is that, though the heavy reliance on continuous spell and trap cards makes the deck look intimidating to use, once you’ve started up the deck’s effect engine it’s actually very simple.

the deck is based on only four monsters, all of them level 5 or higher. Since you can only summon level 4 or lower monsters, this initially feels like a bug. surely you can’t tribute summon these powerful monsters if you can’t get anything on the field in the first place? this is what is so tricky and interesting about drakes. Instead of monsters, you can use Continuous Spell and Trap cards as Tribute. not only does this make it easier to summon higher level cards, but you get the effects of the spell/trap before it’s used as a tribute.

For example, the continuous spell disciples of the true dracophoenix allows you to shuffle three monsters from your g and back to your deck and draw a card. anything that allows you to draw a card is huge in terms of strategy. you can then use this spell as a tribute to summon dinomight knight, the true dracofighter, and use the disciples’ gy ability to destroy an opponent’s spell or trap card. Dinomight Kight, the True Drakefighter has a quick play effect that allows you to take a True Drake Trap Card and play it right away, bringing the True Drake Apocalypse onto the field. On your next turn, you can use this card as a Tribute for another monster, activating the card’s G effect and destroying an opponent’s monster.

These card combinations rumble on both your turn and your opponent’s. can seriously disrupt an opponent’s turn, especially if he’s using a deck full of spells/traps like eldlich. With the deck only consisting of a handful of sr/ur cards, drakes are cheap and extremely effective at leveling up in yu-gi-oh! master duel.

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